Name: Vendetta's Brother

Owner: Jedi Master Kabraka

Class: Capital

Model: Skipray Blastboat

Length: 25 Meters

Width: 7 Meters

Height: 7 Meters

Color: Varies (Chrome, or black)

Engine Systems:

Sarylcorp ViX multi-flux reactor.

Hyperdrive Information:

Slaylcorp 'Zepher' Hyperdrive ( .5 lightspeed)

Shield Enforcements (if any, with generator locations):

Koensayr 2400-E Heavy Shield Generator (Mid-ship)

Weapon Systems (if any, with locations):

2 Mendarn Arms Dar-2 ion cannons (tips of dorsal stabilizer fins)

Mendarn Arms Dar-2 medium ion cannon (Nose)

Starboard proton torpedo tube (Nose)

Port concussion missile launcher (Nose)

Senko Systems 5000x2 "Tru-Lok" laser cannons (Dorsal turret)

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