Basic InformationEdit

Name: Van
Species: Kiffar (Human)
Homeworld: Kiffu
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Force Training: Matukai & Jedi (Darkside)
Affiliation: Recluse, Library of the Stars
Weapons: Matukai Wan-Shen, Matukai Vibro-Katana, Matukai Vibro-Wakizashi
Armor: Custom Matukai Armor
Starship: Solo-class Combat Freighter "Azure Angel"


Van (who goes only by his last name) was raised to be a living weapon from the day he was born. He lost his parents to pirates at the age of 4, was sold to a terrorist organization immediately after, and escaped at the age of 7. He came across an old woman at the age of 8 on a remote planet in the Outer Rim. She turned out to be a Matukai Master and trained him for the next ten years in everything she knew. At the age of 18, she sent him to an old friend of hers on Corellia, where he began training in the Jedi arts of lightsaber and hidden knowledge about enhancing martial art skills.

Van spent a period of approximately two years on the edge of civilized space, serving as an assistant to an enigmatic religious leader by the name of Vincent Black. There, he continued his training in martial arts and the perfection of the Matukai fighting style. It was directly because of him that Vincent Black's religion gained the control of the religious lives of billions of sentient beings along the Outer Rim and beyond.

For the last year, Van has joined Dr. Seth Thar as an assistant before learning of Dr. Thar's involvement within a secret society called Recluse. He joined Recluse and serves them as a Agent, searching for artifacts and the occassional recruit for purposes beyond his understanding. He remains loyal to Dr. Thar, trading protection duty with another Agent by the name of "Black Jack," who proves the foil to his overly bearing sense of duty and honor.

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