Player Name: Cris
Yahoo! ID: bounty_hunter_trith_buffton
Forum Handle: trithbuffton
Character Name: Trithicus Hondarius Buffton (Just Trith for shot)
Character Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Techie,slicer,programmer, etc.
Character Species: Human
Character Homeworld: Elrood, but was sent to a boarding school offworld at age 10.
Age: 26
Brief Description: Shaggy dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. (Although usually concealed by his helmet.) 6'2" 160lbs
Brief History:
Basically, Trith was born one of three triplets on Elrood and at age 10 his father, Maltez Buffton, sent him to an off world academy...where he pretty much grew up. Trith saw very little of Maltez growing up, and each time he did it was a very...interesting encounter. Maltez being the very stern parent had very high expectations for Trith. After finishing school, Trith worked for the KDY for awhile and then for the CEC, but when meeting with his father, Trith was told to toughen up and learn how to fight. A direct quote from the battle hardened old man is, "Your a Buffton....not a little bitch!" Trith took up bounty hunter, per his father's...demand. After 6 years working to be a quite acomplished hunter, alas Trith is aparently not up to par with his family name. One day though...he'll earn his father respect, make the crazy old man proud. One day...