She's a tough little ship. - Unknown


The NeverEnder is a small fighter of unknown construction that is piloted by Kensrue Breckinridge.


Name: The NeverEnder

Type: Space superiority starfighter

Model Number: Unknown

Dimensions: length: 11.6 meters

Manufacturer: Unknown


  • 2x Quadex IGt engines
  • 6x Koensayr N2-f microthrusters
  • Hyperdrive: Class 1.0 Incom GBk-707 hyperdrive unit


  • Full Carbanti transceiver package:
    • Fabritech ANs-8f full-spectrum transceiver unit
    • Melihat "Multi-Imager" dedicated energy receptor
    • Tana Ire electro-photo receptor
  • Targeting system:
    • Fabritech ANq 7.8 tracking computer and IN-605-A "Sightline" holographic imaging system

Design FeaturesEdit

  • Maximum thruster acceleration: 3,950 G
  • Maximum speed (atmospheric): 1,200 km/h
  • Power plant: Novaldex 09-H power generator
  • Shielding: Chempat “Defender” deflector shield generator
  • Hull: titanium alloy hull


  • 2x Ht-12 double laser cannons
  • 2x Dymek HM-6 concussion missile launchers
  • 1x Anti-matter micromine deployment system

Development HistoryEdit

Little is known about the development of the NeverEnder, although some have speculated that its design features suggest it was manufactured by either Incom Corporation or the Corellian Engineering Corporation, although both speculations have not been proven.

The ship began life as the personal fighter craft and transport of a well-respected politician on the planet Corellia. An avid flight enthusiast, the politician spared no expense in creating his dream fighter. However, he was thrown from power and was forced to sell off most of his possessions, including the NeverEnder. The ship found its way to a junk yard on the Hutt world of Nar Shadda, where it spent some fifteen odd years.

A junk dealer traveling to the Hutt planet discovered the fighter and purchased it for a meager fee, returning to Tanaab to sell it for scrap. There it ended up in the hands of Kensrue Breckinridge, a well-known mechanic and gun for hire. Kensrue went to work repairing the long abandoned vessel and returned it to perfect working order. He now takes the galaxy in the capable little fighter, moving from job to job and from world to world.

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