The Lacoste FamilyEdit

The Lacoste Family is mostly an NPC family played by Ang. Character's include Cecily Tempest and Dexter Lacoste.

They are Commenor natives forced out of their homeworld by the Protectorate. Now they live on Vagabond's Haven, and work closely with Maltez Buffton as engineers.

The entire family is as follows:

Dexter Lacoste (father)

Brenna Lacoste (mother)

Celeste Lacoste-Moonraker

Cecily Tempest (Lacoste-Tempest)

Cedric Lacoste

Celia Lacoste

Celeste is the oldest out of four, and is married to a Praetorian Dark Jedi (Seifer Moonraker) and remains on Commenor with her 2 children.

Cecily, a Force sensitive who was widowed several years ago, she enlisted with the Resistance and is now the Executive Officer and chief mechanic for Rogue Squadron. Her call-sign is Rogue Six.

Cedric is a gifted engineer on Haven, but is extremely Force sensitive like his sister Cecily. He has unnerving premonitions in his dreams, which causes him to get very little, if any sleep.

Celia is the youngest, and full of teen angst. She is bitter toward Cecily for her stardom with the Resistance, and doesn't wish to follow her family's footsteps into the mechanic/engineering fields.

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