For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire.

The JediEdit

Are a religious order of force adepts sworn to keep peace, defend justice, and follow the will of the imnipotant force.

The information contained herein deals with the formation, structure, and idealogy of the Jedi Order restablished after the murder of Kyp Durron by Ashton "Phobos" Moonrider. It was refounded by Cliona Maelstrom with the help of Devynth Anon. For information regarding the Jedi before this time refer here.

A New Generation Edit

Shortly after the Jedi Order’s reestablishment, Devynth Anon, with the aide of Jedi Knights Caedmon Cato, Adia Lei Estrina, and Kabraka, began training a class of students on Dathomir. The class of students numbered in the dozens. Notable students from the Dathomir class include: Tiro-Narus Altor, Dracmus Esseles, Ma’thir’aoosa, Marcus Thorne, and Ordo Tyr. The front of the lingering Second Galactic Civil War came all too close. Many knights went on to fight in the Battle of Obroa-Skaii, while the students under the watch of senior apprentice’s Dracmus Esseles and Marcus Thorne relocated to a newly built facility on Bastion.

Disorder Edit

The Jedi became transient and unorganized. During the second Galatic Civil War there was little to no unity with in the Jedi ranks and no offical structure. After the war, the Jedi did little more to unite. However, with the second annual Jedi conclave on Endor, those that remain are expected to vote in favor of uniting once more.

Kabraka was voted the title of Grand Master, while Caedmon Cato, Kedemel Sorath and Adia Lei Estrina were elected as the three heads of the Jedi Council.

After the elections, the Jedi disbanded again, set off in different directions in a valiant attempt at restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.

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