The Corellian Confederation of Independent StatesEdit

The Corellian Confederation of Independent States, or the CCIS, was created as a form of retaliation against The Protectorate by planets within it's confounds. After riots began on Corellia in response to the Protectorate's over-bearing laws and Moonrider's lust for power, Epiphany Meridian was freed of Mekhetu's grasp and returned to her home planet, where she riled up the masses to move against their oppressive government.

After her speech, all of the planets in the sector which include Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Talus, and Tralus, as well as the nearby systems of Commenor, Kuat, and Neimodia, signed a one-page treaty to declare their cessation from the Protectorate.

...The Protectorate has yet to retaliate.

As of recently, Maltez Buffton allowed Fondor to join the CCIS.

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