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Maltez Buffton

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Xavier Buffton

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The Buffton Trade CartelEdit

The Buffton Trade Cartel is a multi-facet corporation which was founded by Maltez Buffton.

Started in a small factory on Elrood, the company got it's start in droid and small transport manufacturing through the personal investment of then-infamous Bounty Hunter Maltez Buffton, his equally infamous brother Xavier Buffton, and their family wealth. Before the Rise of the Hutt Faction across the galaxy, the Trade Cartel became famously known for running supplies(legal and otherwise) along hyperspace routes to all reaches of Space. Maltez Buffton eventually retired his hunting ways to take full control of the company as well as joining the Galactic Senate as a representative for the Elrood System.

With the Hutt Empire taking power, the BTC couldn't compete with the more aggressive Hutt presense, and the corporation folded in on itself, with Maltez Buffton liquidating his assets while selling off any piece of hardware he could. The Buffton went on to purchase full control of the Elrood Shipyards, though remaining a silent owner, the small shipyard turning a profit off of the previous Cartel ship designs. Maltez Buffton and his Cartel disappeared from the Galactic view during the height of the Hutt Empire and then the Hutt War that followed.

It wasn't until the Protectorate under the control of Ashton Moonrider came to full power that the Bufftons returned to the spotlight, investing in the creation of the City-Station of Haven, and reforming the Trade Cartel with Haven being at it's financial center.

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