Jedi Master Morib Tzali was the first Jedi to find young Iktotchi Tiro-Narus Altor, at the age of 14 on his homeworld. She had spoken prior to his father, Adoya, expressing her feelings towards the young Iktotchi. She felt he had much strength in the Force, and could be trained for a higher purpose. She had come at a bad time. Adoya’s feelings centered on already losing one son that he did not want to give up his other.

Master Tzali did manage to speak to Tiro alone. She was not attempting to convince him, but merely showing him another path he could take. Young Tiro proved his dedication by escaping his home and finding her ship in the dense wilderness.

Their travels allowed him to see much of the galaxy, including planets such as Dagobah, Kashyyyk and Eon'Ta. However, it was her final trip to Eon'Ta that sealed her fate. She was sent there to settle disputes by rivaling governments and she got in the way of their particular way of dealing with confrontations: with muscle and violence.

Hired bounty hunters and mercenaries, outfitted with ysalamiri, confronted her and rendered her helpless. No one except the hunters are sure what happened to her body, but it was never recovered.

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