Player Name: John

Yahoo! ID: Razor_Bloodthorne

Forum Handle: Kabe

Character Occupation: Mercenary, Pilot, Smuggler, Teras-Kasii Expert

Character Species: Human

Character Homeworld: Corellia

Gender: Male

Age: 27 Standard Years

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 187

Eye Color: Gray-Blue

Hair Color: Short, black

Physical Description: Average height, but powerfully built from training from a young age. Very athletic physique. Moves very smoothly, and his gray eyes can be gentle and open to calm, cold, and calculating, seeming to see right through people.

Distinguishing Marks: Several small blaster scars

Force Sensitive: Yes

Weapons: (Carried) 2 DH-44 ‘DeathSinger’ blaster pistols, 2 vibro-knives, 1 vibro-shiv, (not carried.) A small but viable collection of repeaters, carbines, rifles, and several slugthrowers

Relatives: Dierk Stele (deceased), Nigel Stele (Father, unknown status), Miska Stele (Mother, unknown status), Garash Stele (Younger brother, missing, unknown status)

Affiliation: Jedi Order (Unofficial)


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