Marcus Thorne is a detached Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order, with no true loyalties to anything other than the Force, and the betterment of the Galaxy. Marcus is known to have a bit of a hero complex, wishing more to be flashy and in the spotlight, rather than the stealthiness and reserved silence most Jedi typically go for.

Early Life Edit

Marcus Thorne was always an independant kid, and left home looking for fame early in his life, at the age of 12. His parents didn't notice he was gone for five years..At 14 he was being pressured into joining a gang of a small city on Corellia, when a strange looking man dropped down from the sky into the alley-way, and fought off the gang members. Marcus was so impressed, he begged the man to take him with him, and so he did. The old man, known only as The Revenger, took the boy on as his sidekick, teaching him everything from basic force powers, to fencing, to designing his own superhero costume. On Marcus' 18th birthday, the old man disappeared without a trace, only leaving a note that he had bigger fish to fry. Marcus never seen him again, but never stopped protecting the city on Corellia. The grateful people referred to him as 'The White Knight' due to his all-white costume, and love of swordplay. Recently, people began asking him why he was still around, with everything happening in the Galaxy. He was told about the current events, and the town encouraged him to leave, and make a name for himself.

The Jedi Edit

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