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Turmoil and chaos has struck the galaxy! As rips in space and time had filtered, what has become known as, the Taint into the galaxy time itself seems to be held at whack. Creating what was thought to be two galaxies, one right after the clones wars, and the galaxy as it was now.

Sinister forces created from this anti-Force, have motives that are near impossible to decipher, all that is known is they seek shards of Altar. The mysterious artifact that Ashton Moonrider used to crack the spine of the galaxy and kill nearly one third of the galaxy and destroyed Naboo.

As time passes, these rifts have caused unending problems for the galaxy, where time and space are contorted at different points, shifting the time period to places and times long since past and that had not yet happened.

The chaos was boundless, the heroes were lost. Time dwindled, till finally it was revealed the two galaxies are on pace to implode. Which, is being hastened by the Taint's forces. The Battle has come to a head on repaired and renewed Altar! Where the fate of all life in the galaxy is at stake!

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The Galaxy is currently experiencing the FlashBack Event due to Altar.

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