Rebel Within A Resistance Edit

The name Maddock is associated with acts of violence and subterfuge, including an attempt to blackmail the Galactic Resistance by damaging the Resistance vessel Spirit of Vigilance, and a bloodbath at Tyramn City for which the Jedi Lan-Dai Navras was briefly blamed and then subsequently cleared.

The leadership of the terrorists who orchestrated these events is attributed to Maddock, but little is known about him--or his followers.

What is known is that their motives appear to center around Force-users, and the prominence of these individuals in the decision-making processes of the Resistance. Maddock's followers believe that Force sensitives should be kept separate from the governance of all people, even unto being denied access to influencial individuals due to their abilities to effect the minds of others. They are zealous and single-minded, as was demonstrated aboard the Spirit of Vigilance, when many of them gave their lives for their cause.

Vanishing Act Edit

Once the Resistance fully engaged Protectorate forces in the war, Maddock and his followers went silent. They appear to have recognized the Protectorate as the greater immediate threat, and seem prepared to topple Ashton Moonrider--a prime example of the validity of their fears--before going back to work on lesser evils.

Maddock is an NPC currently controlled by Charlotte.

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