Last Breath, The

Starship Title:

The Last Breath


Kide Balso

Ship Model:

Kuat Drive Yards Marauder Class-J3ER12


92 feet (28.04m)


128 feet (39m)


32 feet (9.75m)

Color: Grey and Red

Maximum Fighter Complement (if applicable):

Two one-man fighters in docking bay.

Engine Systems:

K-CAB95 BullHead Sublight Drives

Hyperdrive Information:

K-CAB JL-087 Hyperdrive (.41 past lightspeed)

Shield Enforcements (if any, with generator locations):

ALLOY13G Shield Generator (neck of ship, illegal in most systems)

Weapon Systems (if any, with locations):

Twin Double Blaster Turrets (top and bottom of ship)

Carbanti Universal Transciever Package (lower decks)

Bertriak "Screamer" Active Jammer (cockpit)

HunterK52 Dual Concussion Missile Launchers (shoulders of ship, identified with dots)

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