Kide Balso

Player Name: Andrew

Yahoo! ID: kidebalso2

Forum Handle: Davion Matrix

Character Occupation: Bounty Hunter for Hire

Character Species: Human

Character Homeworld: Metellos

Age: 52 Standard Years

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 225

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Grey

Brief History:

Metellos wasn't the sweetest place. He was flooded as a youngster with constant knowledge of the Force by his older brother, Daley, who was on the quest of becoming a Jedi. Kide's impulses drew him elsewhere. To Nar Shaadaa. At age 22, he trained under the infamous bounty hunter known as Savallo Gentri, a Sullustan, until he killed him. A cold-blooded hunter for hire, this man allows nothing in his way for his own quest for money and 'justice' to those escaping their fates. Call him the Delivery-Man.

Current Game Summary

After leaving the safety of employment under Xaiyla Buffton, working as a bodyguard, he has not taken back to the spacelanes and bounty channels. For even a man his age, he's weighing his options, and continually scanning the channels for that one perfect bounty to jump into his view.

Kide has recently heard of a Mandalorian group being resurrected. It has sparked some interest in him. All he has to do is find them now. But with his list of contacts, it is only a matter of time...

Known Aliases:

Savallo Gentri (clean)

Daley Jobson (1 warrant on Srobo - posing as a planetary security enforcement officer)

Leyton (clean)

Bihr (1 warrant on Corellia for crashing an air taxi into a diplomatic building - 1 warrant on Nar Shaadaa for a bar fight resulting in the death of three Rodians)


Basar RK-11 (strapped at right thigh)

Specialized Lamec JW-716 Twin Blaster Carbine (strapped around left wrist, both chambers retract)

Specialized Lamec G236 Extended Blaster Rifle with scope (dist. 200 yards), silencer.


The Last Breath

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