Keton Tekal, formerly Keton De Leon, is the younger brother of the famous Jedi, Murra Tekal. He focuses mainly on lightsaber crafting and lightsaber combat, giving less attention to more force abilities. He was raise on Tatooine by his mother, who was killed when he was a child and forced him to live with an old Jedi Master named Anduin. He took the boy in and trained him, realizing his potential and tought him the ways of the force and to become a Knight. Later on he met up with Murra and Ithli and realized his lineage. After a major battle against Ithli, Keton left known space to go train on the planet of Korriban, where he stayed for several years, finally coming back to known space to help train his nephews Darien and Solomon. He now has a son, Aidan Tekal, through Breece Darsi.

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