Kelbourne Sandskimmer is an assassin for hire, as his sniping and sneaking skills have little rival. He commonly wears his Mandalorian armor, but when on an assassination mission, he'll wear whatever the locals wear.

Early Life Edit

Bio: Born among the Sandskimmer family of Tatooine, Kelbourne was a child that they could not afford to raise. They handed Kelbourne as a baby off to a passing warrior in armor, who took him to Dantooine, where a Mandalorian clan had situated themselves. Kelbourne learned the honor of the Mandalorians, their combat capabilities, but more importantly, how they lived.

Current Game Summary Edit

Kelbourne was a primary exemplar of the Mandalorian culture, until the Republic found the clan and broke them apart, fearing another Mandalorian War. So, without a family and only his armor and blaster rifle, Kelbourne turned to being a hired gun to feed himself. Gradually, he became good at it, saved up enough money to buy a starfighter, and went on to be the best contract assassin the current history of the galaxy. He currently carries with him a large blaster pistol and a vibroblade, as his sniper rifle is too fragile to really be used in the field all the time.

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