Player Name: Melissa

Yahoo ID!: trapped_in_turmoil

Forum Handle: Leryndrian

Homeworld: N/A

Species: Human.

Age: 18-20 months old.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde; short, straight.

Physical Description:

Distinguishing marks, scars, tattoos: N/A.

Force Sensitive: Yes.

Occupation: Being a kid, lol.

Affiliation: Jedi Order.

Weapons: N/A.

Transportation: N/A.

Relatives: Leiyn Dar (mother), Alexis Dar (twin brother), Merek Stele (uncle).

Brief History:

Alexis and Kefret was born under harsh circumstances aboard the Dawning Hope in orbit around the planet of Elom... Alexis and Kefret were the byproduct of rape during their mother's captivity on Ord Mantell... Despite being twins, they have different fathers and -very- different personalities. Alexis is very calm, quiet, and patient... Whereas Kefret is very loud, spastic, and antsy...

Current Game Summary:

Staying with Mommy on the forest moon of Endor. We get to see Uncle Jeryndi! Yay!

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