Kedemel Sorath

Player Name: Matt

Character Species: Human

Character Occupation: Jedi Knight; sees shatterpoints (much like Mace Windu did)

Weapons: Lightsaber

Technology/Transport: No ship, prefers public transportation and hitching rides; a tibanna gas conservationist, if you will

Brief History:

His parents are a mystery, even to him, so Kedemel's earliest memories are of a shadowy figure he called "Father." Whether this was his true blood-father or not is unknown, since his brain can't even put a face to the image, or the voice incessantly bearing down on his unconscious. He spent his youth and adolescence working with an arms kingpin, for whom he took a mission to Myrkr to round up ysalamiri to sell to bounty hunters.

When he got to Myrkr, his innate Force-sensitivity led him to follow a pack of vornskrs to a hole in the ground, which thousands upon thousands of vornskrs were digging. At length, they dug up the carbonite-encased Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya, whom Ashton Moonrider had imprisoned after taking her Eclipse Star Destroyer. He freed her from her carbon prison, and she trained him for a short while.

His training in the Sith arts was cursory, at best, and was never enough to fully influence his psyche, as Lumiya soon left him to being making final plans to confront the Jedi. She tracked them down at Bastion, and was thereafter killed by Devynth Anon and Ith'li Shaon. Without a Master, Kedemel was forced to find his own way, and of his own volition discovered the path of the Jedi might be a wiser choice.

He, too, went to Bastion, as an unorthodoxically trained Jedi Knight, and for a brief period rolled with them. He fought with them at Gala, but then again disappeared, a victim of his past demons, with a strong need to find out who he really was. He went to Haruun Kal, following in the footsteps of his most revered Jedi Master, Mace Windu. Walking in his shoes, listening to native stories about Haruun Kal's greatest son, Kedemel discovered himself, and found that he could do the right thing by helping the Jedi fight tyranny and injustice.

As Mace Windu had once recorded in his private holojournals, to be later archived at the Jedi Temple, rare copies and stories of which became available on Haruun Kal, "It doesn't matter what we're fighting for...only that we keep fighting."

Current Game Summary:

Setting out again, he lives by these words, and is now on Endor to help the Jedi decide their fate.

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