Ex Nihilo is city on Rhinnal, an inner rim planet in the Darpa Sector. After the Cataclysm, all major city centers were decimated and their populace’s nearly all killed. Commodore Esseles, a native of the world, discovered the destruction along with the remnant of his command the 5th Battle Group, he choose to resettle the planet.

Ex Nihilo was then built, from the ground up, a few hundred miles south of the planet’s former capital, Rhire, on the banks of a warm temperate gulf near the planet’s equator. Ex Nihilo means in the ancient tongue once spoken by the world’s inhabitants “Out of Nothing.”

In the year that followed its establishment Ex Nihilo became a haven of refugees; because of the Resistance Remnant on the planet it was considered especially well guarded from piracy, and has never seen a pirate invasion, because of this its population grew by the thousands every week. By the time Dracmus Esseles resigned as the city’s prefect it had a population of just over 100,000.

The city is ruled by a freely elected congress known as the Delegation, with delegates that represent certain quadrants of the city. The executive officer is the Prefect, who is separately elected. From the time of its construction the Prefect has been Dracmus Esseles. However, after his resignation to attend the Jedi gathering on Endor, Ex Nihilo elected his chief aide Margrave Lordes.