Euph'aavves known as Eupha Avves is the Jedi apprentice of Hasmi Kolom. She a light green colored twilek, regarded as a great beauty of her species.

Biography Edit

Though a twilek, Eupha was born on Bastion. She was orpahaned as a child and raised in an orphanage. Like many children,including Kath Don Baptista, she was discovered by the Jedi when they arrived on Bastion. She was later taken by as Hasmi Kolom as her Jedi Apprentice.

Along with her master, she served unoffically in the 5th battlegroup, under Commodore Dracmus Esseles.

After the war, she settled on Rhinnal at Ex Nihilo as did many Jedi. She is considered very near the end of Jedi training, and like her friend, Kath Don she is expected to face trials on Endor.

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