Epiphany MeridianEdit

Player Name: Ang

Yahoo! ID: senator_epiphany_meridian

Forum Handle: Ang

Character Occupation: Corrupt politician extraordinaire.

Character Species: Human

Character Homeworld: Corellia

Age: 45 (at time of initial introduction to this game)

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 120

Eyes: Stormy gray

Hair: Black

Brief History: Epiphany Meridian is the oldest of the Meridian twins (sister Felicity Meridian). She is the daughter of a prominent Corellian lawyer and nobility. She began her studies as a politician at a young age ad went into public service when she was just 15.

The Hutts soon ensnared her talents and corrupted her motives into doing their bidding within the government. However, deep down Epiphany knew this was wrong and longed to rid the Corellian system of corruption.

When she was 19, she met and had a brief relationship with Maltez Buffton, but soon after fell in love with his younger brother Xavier Buffton. A year late she gave birth to their daughter, Xaiyla Buffton.

The following years were anything but peaceful. Epiphany started a small coup d'etat within the the Galactic Senate and Corellian Government to help overthrow the oppressing Hutts. Although noble her intentions were, Epiphany began to forget about her family.

Full custody of Xaiyla was given to Xavier when she was just 3 years old, although the couple remained in their relationship for quite sometime longer.

Tragedy struck when Epiphany was 32 years old...her sister Felicity was murdered on a hit that was intended for her. (Later found out to be orchestrated by Antor Buffton, Maltez's son.) Epiphany was overcome by shock at the sight of her assassinated twin, and in her moment of despair, claimed that she herself was Felicity and it was Epiphany that had been killed afterall.

This facade would last for 13 years...

Current Game Summary:

Epiphany headed the the Corellian Confederation of Independent States. Previously she was under control of Mekhetu at Phobos' side as one of his political advisers after coming out of hiding and pretending that she was her sister for nearly 14 years.

She has also rekindled her old romance with Maltez Buffton, despite the fact that she was once common-law married to his brother Xavier in which they had their daughter , Xaiyla. Xavier's disappearance allowed her to return to the arms of Maltez after nearly 30 years of not being involved with each other.

Once the CCIS was absorbed into The New Galactic Order, Epiphany regained her position as Senator of Corellia and Minister of Interplanetary Relations for the Order. She also took Vidya Naberrie, the senator-elect of Naboo, under her wing as a protege before sending her to stay with Nylan Antilles to train him into being the next Diktat of Corellia.

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