Player's Name: Ang

Yahoo Screen Name ID: xaiyla_buffton/cecily_tempest/ang_muchitsujo_23ad/senator_epiphany_meridian, Pick one.

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The Character's Name: Dexter Lacoste

Species Commenor Human

Occupation: Non-Force Sensitive uber mechanic extreme that owned a nifty garage on Commenor and now works under Maltez Buffton as his chief engineer for Second City.

Weapons: Typical sidearms, but nothing extreme or out of the ordinary.

And a Brief History:

Dexter Lacoste, aside from wearing some awesome expensive polo shirts, (Terrible pun, I know.) is the father of Cecily Tempest and 3 other children who once ran a large repair and upgrade garage in Anteluma, Commenor. After the raid on their small resistance, Dexter brought his family to Vagabond's Haven. After Cecily joined the Rogue Squadron, Dexter was noticed by Maltez Buffton for his engineering skills, and was relocated to the Corperate Sector to oversee and help design the Second City project. After that, Dexter urged Maltez to stop relying on his droids and return to sentients for workers. Maltez agreed and Dexter became one of Maltez's top engineers, as well as a pilot/advisor while on business trips.

Dexter shares the same cold sarcastic wit with his daughter, and for the most part, is a pacifist, carrying only one sidearm and disagreeing with most of Maltez's actions.

In-Play Quotes:

Dexter: "...what's this I hear about Xaiyla getting married?"

Maltez: "Yeah, she's going to marry a Shaon, no less."

Dexter: "As in...Ith'li Shaon? Didn't know he had any offspring, then again, I'm sure he can look no better than his father. But Xaiyla is rather beautiful, I'm sure their kids will have that going for them."

Maltez: Twitch.

Dexter: "You alright over there, Boss?"

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