Caedmon Cato
General Information
Alias: Cae, Caed, Cato, Master Cato
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Appearance: Black Hair/ Brown Eyes
Height/Weight: 6'3"/ 190lbs
Birthplace: Corellia
Race: Human
Religion: Jedi
Location: Coruscant
Profession(s): Jedi Master, Pilot, Smuggler
Disposition/Alignment: Calm, Focused and kind/ Lawful Good
Marital Status: Widowed
Parents: Atticus Cato, Loraine Cato
Siblings: Lucius Cato
Children: Jonas Cato
Allies: Sadhric Tlin and a host of others
Enemies: Sith, Maltez Buffton, Darth Sollus, The Tainted, Malicious Offender
Other Relations: Ionda Skye, Jeryndi Trander, Khan, The Tekal Family
Other Information
Organization: The Jedi Order
Force Sensitivity: Jedi Master
Talent: Skilled Pilot, Eidetic Memory, Skilled Mechanic
Vulnerabilities: Gets ahead of himself, somewhat inflexible, dogmatic.
Strengths: Master of Niman , Telekinesis, Master of form IV
Weapons: Two Lightsabres, one with a blue crystal the other with a silver crystal
Notable Possessions: A Sorosub Yacht-Class Starship named "The FireFly". A Sadhric Tlin freighter-class starship named "The Anchorite"
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: 2004
Original Writer: Richard
Portrayer: Jason Behr
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