Player's Name: Dustin Sampson

Yahoo Screen Name ID: geglacier2

Character Name: Azra'el Kain

Species: Human

Age: 24

Occupation: Dark Jedi Knight

Weapons: Twin Crimson bladed lightsabers

Home World: Nar Shaadda

Brief History:

A former Jedi Knight, who has fallen to the dark side due to extreme frustration with the broken and weak Order. He was found when he was very young among the scum of the galaxy on Nar Shaadda by a Jedi Master. The master quickly saw the boy's potential and brought him to the Order for training hoping he could help restore the Order to it's former state. However as he trained the boy he soon learned of the boy's lack of patience. He tried his best to train the boy to control it and keep his emotions at bay but for some reason he was never able to find a way to keep Azra'el's frustrations from getting the better of him. Azra'el knew full well what his master wanted from him, and the fact that he could not do what was needed of him made it worse. Despite this however his skills developed quickly, but at the age of 22 he could no longer take the frustration of constantly disappointing everyone around him and left the Order. Since then he has almost completely lost control of himself and allowed himself to fall to the Dark side.

He has now found himself with a complete lack of purpose, leaving him a young bored Dark Jedi. His lack of purpose has caused him to develop a very short fuse. Azra'el is now prone to snapping and leaving the people who angered him maimed or slaughtered. Though there are occasional glimpses of good in him, the wake of violence he leaves behind him would suggest otherwise. He continues to practice in the ways of the force, but without any guidance he is developing slower than ever and is having trouble controlling his power as it grows. Since leaving the fractured Order he is a mere shadow of his former self and he now has to resort to being a weapon for hire for the highest bidder.

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