Player Name: Wayde

Yahoo! ID: txt_laura_lei_txt

Forum Handle: Jedi Adia Estrina (enlightenedeyes)

Character: Jedi Adia Lei Estrina

Character Species: Human

Character Homeworld: Cloud City, Bespin

Age: 29

Height: 5ft. 8in.

Weight: 152 lbs

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Rank: Jedi Knight

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Brief History:

Adia Lei Estrina is a descendant of a long line of force sensitives known as Shimuran Monks, those who survived the Purge scattered out among the galaxy and continued their teachings. Adia was born and raised on the planet Bespin, which is deep in the former protectorate space. Adia's father was a miner and her mother a Jedi Knight. Her father was quite reluctant to allow her to be trained by the jedi seeing the fate that her mother had, and not wanting her to follow that path in fear of the same happening to her. However, his fate was shorter than hers and was killed in a mining accident. It was not until that Adia found her mother's lightsaber, which she keeps, and began her training under the tutelage of her mother's spirit. From the tender age of ten she trained in the ways of the jedi, which was not too different than the way the monks themselves trained. It was not until she was summoned to the planet of Dathimor that she officially became a Knight. She has taken part in some form or another in many battles that has occured against the Protectorates. However it was not until the Destruction of the Dawning Hope that she found an even greater calling towards being a mentor, guiding survivors of the accident in the ways of the force, even when there was no council to lean on for support. For a time before and after the Altar incident she resided on Anobis before moving to Dantooine, and then Rhinnal; which, is where she has set up a craft shop named A&E Emporium that crafts almost everything besides blasters. She has become good friends with Dracmus Esseles and Master Kabraka. She currently resides on the planet of Rhinnal in Ex-Nihilo.

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